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The world often thinks of Africa as a single entity, rather than a hugely diverse continent made up of 54 very different countries. It's a common mistake to make, but this misconception often causes first-time visitors to ask what the weather's like in Africa, but the reality is, it's impossible to generalize the climate of an entire continent. Time your adventure wrong, and you could find yourself caught up in a cyclone during a beach holiday to Madagascar; or stranded by extreme flooding during a cultural trip to the remote valleys of Ethiopia. As with everywhere else in the world, African weather depends on a considerable number of factors and differs not only from country to country but from one region to the next. The African continent spans both hemispheres, so Morocco's High Atlas Mountains may experience heavy winter snows in the same month that visitors to South Africa are soaking up the summer sunshine on Cape Town's idyllic beaches. For many countries in Africa, seasons don't follow the same pattern that they do in Europe and the United States. Instead of spring, summer, fall, and winter, most countries south of the Sahara Desert have dry and rainy seasons. This is especially true for equatorial countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where temperatures remain consistently hot all year round but the amount of precipitation changes dramatically. 

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