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Customer satisfaction is one of the Company’s priorities. Consequently, we offer our Customers the option to apply for a refund in the event that they are not satisfied with our professional assistance in submitting Electronic applications.

If you wish to request a refund, you will need to complete and submit a re quest by means of the Contact Form in the, stating clearly the reason for the refund.

refund request

The refund request will be evaluated within 72 hours since its receipt. Our Customer Service Department will review the reasons and the particular circumstances of your case in order to assess the approval or denial of the refund requested. In any case, the customer will be informed of the outcome of his/her request.

The refund request must be made by the customer within a maximum period of 120 days of receiving our email confirming the successful payment of our Services of submission of Electronic applications. After this period of time, no refunds will be approved, unless in exceptional cases, depending on the circumstances of the Customer.

Please be informed that: If a refund request is accepted by our Customer Service Department:

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If you need any further information about our Refund Policy, you can contact us at or through our Contact Form.

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