Benin Les Merveilles d'Afrique Mode

Les Merveilles d'Afrique Mode:, A large beach. Clean. Easy access. With a lot of Palm trees. It is close to the National road. In the surrounding area there are many bars and restaurants. There is even a party hall. The weekends are very lively. During the holidays and school holidays too. Show promoters often organize concerts with international artists. It is a great place to relax and have a good time.

A Quiet Place

A quiet place to spend a pleasant time with family or friends. The authorities are forcing themselves to beautify it and keep it clean.

Les Merveilles Clean beach

Clean beach, new well aligned coconut trees grow well on this beach and this already improves the setting. The fishing route which adjoins the beach is made up of 4 different lanes for road, promenade, sportsman and pedestrian. Magical!

Benin Les Merveilles Seaside Area

Seaside area in full development to be more pleasant for users. Good for weekend relaxation or morning or evening sport.

Espace balnéaire en plein aménagement afin d'être plus agréable pour les usagers. Bon pour les détentes du weekend ou le sport matinal ou en soirée..

Benin e-Visa informatiom

The republic of Benin e-Visa is an electronic authorization granted by Benin immigration since April 2018, Benin began issuing e-Visas to a eligible foreign visitors, allowing them to enter, remain within, or to leave the territory.

Benin e-Visa Types and validity: The Benin Visa/eVisa allows travelers to enter the Benin for tourist, visiting or business purposes, Benin have 3 Types e-Visa: Benin 30 days singe entry eVisa: This type Benin e-Visa allows the traveler to enter Benin once only and stay up to 30 days maximum. it is a one-entry visa and you must leave the country within the 30 days, you will not allow returning with the same visa. Benin 30 days multiple entry eVisa This type of Benin Visa is for the traveller who wishes to stay in Benin up to 30 days, with a one-time entry permit. It is a longer stay single entry visa for visitors who wish to stay longer. Benin Multiple Entry eVisa (90 days). This type of Benin Multiple entry visa is valid for 90 days, from the date of entry. It allows visitors to visit the country multiple times within the 90 days duration. Applicants passport must be at least 6-months validity from the date of arrival in Benin and have at least two pages available for stamping., on behalf of the state, regulatory and control missions in the field of civil aviation. It ensures the sovereign functions in civil aviation. In addition, it defines and executes state policy and represents it with all international civil aviation organizations. It also controls all airlines operating on the territory of the Republic of Benin, both domestic operators and foreign operators (regional and international) by granting them authorization and approval.

Top tourist destinations

TPort city in Benin known for Dantokpa Market, Cotonou Cathedral & stilt houses on Lake Nokoué. here

What food Benin known?

Food is the basic necessity of life. Without food one cannot survive. Every country is known for its food specialty. Different countries have a different type of cuisines. Benin food is highly attracted by tourists because of its flavor and delicious taste. Benin food is comprised of various cultures and traditions. This country includes a variety of people from different roots and origins. All of their flavors add up the taste. learn more

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