Gabon Tourist Attractions

Discover Gabon tourist attractions: Gabon, a country along the Atlantic coast of Central Africa, has significant areas of protected parkland. The forested coastal terrain of its famed Loango National Park shelters a diversity of wildlife, from gorillas and hippos to whales. Lopé National Park consists of mostly rainforest. Akanda National Park is known for its mangroves and tidal beaches.

1. Libreville of Gabon

Gabon-Tourist Destinations: Libreville is the capital city of Gabon, a country on the coast of Central Africa. Its seafront boulevard has parks and sculptures. The National Museum of Arts and Tradition exhibits tribal crafts such as masks and wood-carved artifacts. Nearby, the colossal Presidential Palace dates from the 1970s. Mont-Bouët open-air market sells a wide range of goods, from household items and local produce to traditional medicine.

2. Akanda National Park Gabon

Akanda National Park is one of 13 National Parks in Gabon set up in 2002 by President Omar Bongo after a two-year study by the DFC, WCS and WWF. The 13 national parks are designed to represent the biodiversity of the country and encourage tourism. Akanda National Park is located in the northeast of the country, near Libreville, with coastline along the Mondah and Corisco bays. The national park is composed chiefly of mangrove and tidal beach habitats. Gabon has only 2.5% of the total mangrove swamp in Africa, but Akanda together with the nearby Pongara National Park comprise 25% of the total protected mangrove in the continent. They play an important role in the ecosystem and help stabilise the coastline around Libreville. Human encroachment from both building and crop planting are a threat to both parks. Both of the bays are rich in marine life, and Corisco bay provides an important feeding area for turtles. Akanda is internationally important as a site for migratory birds and is home to the largest populations of such birds in Gabon. It is an IUCN Critical Site.

3, Arboretum de Sibang Gabon

The Arboretum de Sibang is one of Beautiful space for relaxation and freshness, especially for recreation. This place allows you to see the wonders of Gabon, the dense and all that it gives off! A great knowledge of Arboretum de Sibang plants. there are plants that can only be found on this site. park with large trees that looks like an almost island, it feels like a full equatorial forest. Forest rich in natural essences for care and bargain for the pharmacopoeia. Arboretum de Sibang is for lovers of the forest, and those who want to discover the plants around us and their many uses and virtues.

4. Lopé National Park Gabon

Lopé National Park is a national park in central Gabon. Was on the northern tip of the beautiful national park, couldn't explore the whole but elephants, buffaloes, deers made the days there. Although the terrain is mostly monsoon forest, in the north the park contains the last remnants of grass savannas created in Central Africa during the last Ice Age, 15,000 years ago. It was the first protected area in Gabon when the Lopé-Okanda Wildlife Reserve was created in 1946. In 2007, the Lopé-Okanda landscape was added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The park contains a small research station, named as Mikongo and run by the Zoological Society London, based in the village known as Mikongo, from which it gets its name. There exists infrastructure to cater for tourists at the base, including several chalets and a large open air dining room, from which the rainforest is a mere five meters away. The park also hosts CEDAMM Training Centre, a Wildlife Conservation Society-run international conservation education center. Lope National Park is an extraordinary safari spot in Gabon not only for some rare forest mammals (forest elephant, western lowland gorilla, chimpanzee, mandrill, forest buffalo, sun-tailed guenon, leopard, black colobus, sitatunga and yellow-backed duiker) but also an opportunity to tick off rosy bee-eater, crowned hawk eagle, Dja river warbler, great blue turaco, grey-necked rock fowl (picathartes), the chocolate-backed kingfisher, emerald cuckoo and black guinea fowl.

5. Cathédrale Sainte Marie Gabon

he cathedral Sainte-Marie is the largest cathedral of Libreville and Gabon it dates from the 1900s I do not know the exact year but this building and one of the most important religious buildings of the capital this cathedral had the privilege to host Pope John Paul II in 1981. Ideally located in the heart of the capital of Gabon, the Sainte Marie Cathedral of Libreville is very beautiful. You will have all the necessary information concerning the Gabonese Catholic Church. Spiritual place and at the same time sign of the arrival of the first missionaries Bessieu and the others with the old cathedral built in sustainable materials in the golf of Guinea. She is in rehabilitation. It is the place that least convinced in terms of reading and studying the Bible

6. Mont-Bouët Gabon

The marché Mont-Bouët, in Libreville is Gabon's largest market, with hundreds of stalls selling fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fabric, clothing, jewelry, household goods, traditional medicine and a variety of other goods. It is easy to get lost in the narrow passageways of the market and there are pickpockets, so visitors should keep track of their money and valuables at all times. On the outskirts of the market is a large shopping district. Many of the shops carry a wide variety of the popular print fabrics used to make clothing. Above many of the shops, local women run restaurants out of their apartments. Good Middle Eastern and north African food may be had at reasonable prices. Children wander the market, selling plastic bags for holding goods, bags of drinking water, bean sandwiches and other items for shoppers. Next to the market is the old location of the gare routier, or major bush taxi stop. Due to a high incidence of violence and robbery, the main gare is now closed. Bush taxis must now be obtained on the outskirts of Libreville along the main highways, particularly at PK8 along the N1 road. Across from the market is a prison.

7. Saint Peter's Cathedral Gabon

Located a few steps from the seaside and the Presidency of the Republic. It is my favorite parish in Libreville, the light that enters it makes it more than magical and soothing. Its chapel is a real gem that calls for meditation and prayer. Historic Catholic Church of Gabon with a primary school and a whole set of religious people available. Several masses are organized there this church is in high demand. Also A peaceful place Where positive energies are Concentrated In the presence of God we totally surrender to it.

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