Nigerian Driving Offence You Can’t Take For Granted


On every road there are road users such as motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, passengers and animals

As a road user, it is expected that the road is used in accordance with the rules and regulations, Every road user should be disciplined. careful and considerate to others, to ensure safer roads. thereby avoiding road crashes and or arrest and prosecution.

In the exercise of the functions conferred by (510(4) of the FRSC Act, 2007 establishment), members of the corps shall have the right to arrest ad prosecute any person reasonably suspected to have committed any traffic Offence(s).

It is therefore an offence to:
  1. Be on any road without any lights or faulty lights, signs or reflectors or wrongful use of signals
  2. Obstruct any section of the road with vehicles or in any other way that may affect free flow of traffic
  3. Use a restricted road where it Is marked "one way" or "no entry"
  4. Disobey speed-limits erected at road construction areas or any other road
  5. Drive a vehicle without a valid learner's permit; driver's license or any other permit required by law
  6. Drive a vehicle without a valid vehicle license of identification mark being displayed
  7. Overtake another vehicle wrongfully
  8. Disobey traffic light signals
  9. Disobey or disregard road signs or pavement markings
  10. Drive a vehicle, a two or three wheel cycle on any road in a reckless or negligent manner that will be dangerous to other road users.
  11. Drive a vehicle or motorcycle with forged vehicle papers
  12. Drive a vehicle or motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  13. Drive a vehicle or motorcycle or any mechanically propelled engine that would result in the damage to any public presence, street light, traffic lights, road signs etc
  14. Engage in any act of commission or omission by motorists which may constitute hazard to other road users
  15. Remove from a vehicle, the sign, "Do not move"
  16. Use a road that is under construction
  17. Fail to move over to the slow lane to free up traffic flow
  18. Uncover gravel or other unstable materials with tarpaulin or strong plastics to stop it spilling on the road
  19. Cover number plates at the front and rear sides the vehicle
  20. Load a vehicle above the weight or number of passengers required by law
  21. Drive a vehicle with projected load
  22. Obstruct a marshal in the performance of his duty
  23. Drive a vehicle with damaged or shattered windscreen
  24. Drive a vehicle with worn tyres or without spare tyre
  25. Drive a vehicle that is mechanically deficient
  26. Drive a vehicle without fire extinguisher
  27. Assault a marshal on duty
  28. Corrupt a marshal on duty
  29. Fail to report at designated place by a traffic offender
  30. Drive a vehicle that emits excessive smoke
  31. Drive a commercial vehicle without a passenger manifest
  32. Use your GSM phone while driving
  33. Driver under 18 years of age
  34. Ply the road by commercial drivers and conductors without badges
  35. Ply the road without side and inner rear mirrors
  36. Smoke or eat while driving
  37. Drive a double-decker bus in Nigeria
  38. Fail to use your headlight s during inclement weather
  39. Fail to signal when changing lanes, making a turn or pulling in front of another vehicle
  40. Fail to properly secure under-aged children in an approved school safety seat or booster seat
  41. Travel in a bed of a pick-up truck by any person
  42. Fail to use belts while driving
  43. Fail to pay any prescribed fine or other fees under the law
  44. Provide incorrect address under the law
  45. Reject accident victims by hospital medical personnel
  46. Ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet properly strapped to the head and fastened under the chin47. Drive with one hand
  47. Drive with one hand
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